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Advanced technology, excellent equipment, outstanding talent is the design, production of first-class products strong guarantee

Henan Shenghua Cable Group Co., Ltd. is China National Machinery and 500, China's wire and cable 20, Henan Province, one of the top 100 enterprises, enterprises located in Henan Xinxiang • New East industrial parks. Close to Hong Kong and Macao Expressway, from the Zhengzhou airport 80km, convenient traffic, its predecessor was founded in 1958 in Xinxiang City Cable Factory, 2005 corporate restructuring was renamed Henan Shenghua Cable Co., Ltd., established in March 2012 Henan Shenghua Cable Group . Companies registered capital of 101 million yuan, with total assets of 500 million yuan, covers an area of ​​300 acres of enterprises. Henan Shenghua Cable Group owned (subsidiary): Henan East special cable, Wintek mining cable, Wintek Electric, Huatong electromechanical equipment, New East Plastic Co., Ltd., more than 10 enterprises, formed wire cables industrial core of the modern enterprise groups.

Shenghua Cable focus on quality and brand building, to "Wukong cable conduction bright messenger" for the duty, to establish an advanced quality inspection center and technical research and development center, and a number of modern production lines and key equipment has introduced from abroad, committed to producing high, large, resistant, special, sharp and other cable market needed products. The company's research and development technology, production equipment and testing means domestic industry has reached the advanced level. Enterprises also passed the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, GB / T28001 Occupational Health Management System Certification, products are national production license, 3C certification and fire retardant certification, and won the provincial "3A" credit building demonstration units and tax credit A-level units title, becoming the leading enterprises in Henan Province, wire and cable industry.

Shenghua Cable is committed to the universal needs of users with special needs, to meet customers' one-stop place "desire. Production of high and low voltage XLPE cables, power cables, overhead cables, fire retardant cables, rubber cables, mining cables, control cables, special cables, communication cables, automotive electronics supporting wire and cable, and other pre-branch on 10,000 kinds of specifications products, widely used in power, metallurgical, petrochemical, energy, machinery and electronics and other fields.

Shenghua Cable products across more than 30 provinces and municipalities, and exports more than 20 countries and regions, many domestic enterprises and medium-sized enterprises maintained a good business, and gradually form a long-term and stable strategic partnership. Enterprise to meet user demand as the theme, quality service, reasonable prices, the majority of users praise, the products become the preferred brand of the Central Plains region of the wire and cable market.

The face of economic globalization, internationalization, financial, strategic, Henan Shenghua Cable Group will take eighteen and Central Plains Economic Zone in the east, continuous reform and innovation, forge ahead, advancing with the times, people-oriented, based on the Central Plains, to world, hand in hand to our customers, and jointly create a bright eternal cause.

0373-2650566 2611618

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